Complete Berlin List of Anticipated Temptation Art Visitations

Happy Note for Starters:
each visitor will obtain from Dr. Wiek a color copy of each art work free of charge for further viewing once you get home!

A. Visiting the KUPFERSTICHKABINETT as part of the Kulturforum right next to the Potsdeamer Platz:

1. Drawing by Rembrandt: STRONG AURA: We use this term whenever the visual impact of the rt work is extremnjely powerful: this is the case when the art work is easily accessible and within short viewing distance. This is the case with the Rembrandt drawing: the Kabinett administrators will put it on the table right in front of you: to be absorbed with your eyes into your soul!

2. Woodcut by Duerer: STRONG AURA! This tiny piece of art will as in the case of Rembrandt be put right in front of you. So we will individually take several minutes to absorb the contours of this fine art work.

B. Visiting the GEMAELDEGALERIE (NATIONALGALERIE) right next to the Kupferstichkabinett:
3. Huge painting by LudovicoCarracci: STRONG AURA! This master piece commands a central place in the gallery. Keep in mind: Ludocico created it, not his brother Agostino who was equally important: his temptation art rests in Saint Peterburg... We will discuss this painting in the framework of the famous Carracci family.

4.Perished painting by Cornicelius. Lost in World War II. It vanished but its spirit lives!!! We have a copy of it and in remembrance of its sacred place in the National Gallery we will gather around the paper copy and discuss it in conjunction with sketches from the Cornicelius archives in Hanau near Frankfurt.

C. Visiting the STAATSBIBLIOTHEK in walking distance to the previous places:

5. Precious Gebetbuch from 1415. This parchment prayer book is so fragile, that the Library is unable to present it to anyone. So, we discuss it in form of a color slide. It has been produced in the cloister Arnhem in the lower Rhine region in todays Netherlands.

6. Medieval Various Christian Manuscript Fragments (Ms.germ.quart.178): STONG AURA! These holy source will be presented to our eyes at short distance: the chance to encounter in color and figures its message is great!

7. Biblia Pauperum (Armenbibel) from 1350: STRONG AURA! Oldest living holy art in Berlin! The librarian will place it right in front of you for consideration and contemplation. as long as it takes.

D. Visiting the BERLINISCHE GALERIE at the southern fringe of central Berlin in a huge former brewery complex:

8. Modern post WWII drawing by Dix: STRONG AURA! Dix is in the hall of fame of modern art, no doubt about it. The pilgrimage to his powerful and gripping drawing of the devils onslaught and defeat concludes and completes the Berlin Art Tour. Sign up for a tour of your choice: Suggest a date and indicate whether you prefer a small group or a single guided tour! We will see you! Make an offer!