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Introduction and How to Become an Art Consultant

We are a few people worldwide interested in masterpieces of Christian art. In particular we are fascinated by a specific scene: the temptation of Jesus by the devil!!!
Art work of the temptation has been produced by sculptors and painters over 1000 years: from very old manuscript illustrations via creative Rembrandt to eccentric Dali!
Take Rubens in London for instance: Rubens created an impressive painting of Satan crawling in front of Jesus and shivering with lust to tempt. Satan shivering, Jesus cool and overcoming Satans allurement. Powerful!

"Temptation Art: is it just around the corner?"
No. Art work of this kind is hard to detect. Temptation Art is lives in the world's most renowned Museums, the Louvre in Paris, the MetropolitanMA and equally impressive in tiny village churches. If you discover one in a church next to you, send us an e-mail, maybe, just maybe you are lucky and enter our club of discoverers. Try it, but don't get frustrated: they are tough to find!

"Merely paintings?"
No. The devil's onslaught and Jesus' overcoming: this truly revolutionary interaction has been produced in the finest materials: Jesus contra Satan in ivory, on glass, in wood and stone and gold sheets carved and hammered, cast in bronce, painted on canvas, stitched with golden threads on fragile embroidery.

"Why action art 'Jesus overcoming Satan'?"
Frankly, because these action scenes are super rare in Christian art and because we figure they deserve better: in these pictures you have the condensed power of Jesus overcoming the Evil in all forms and fashions - gripping and fascinating! Thus we encourage you to travel to Jesus Art Regions - be it for sole art enjoyment or for discussion and contemplation or for the lifting of the spirit for those in need of contemplation in times of illness and depression. What a fun if you realize the spiritual uplift in times, when the onslaught of the Evil sems to overrun all our thoughts and beliefs. So, get going and absorb the art of Jesus beating Satan for yourself!

"Got an Art Catalog?"
Yes. In the last 10 years this Club has collected about 500 color fotos, slides etc. of temptation art work and we felt obliged to publish our findings. A few examples in form of picures and maps - but most precise art work location registers - with even the tiniest village church located!

"Famous artists, moving art power?"
Yes. Everybody enjoying our discoveries is in the best company with widely acclaimed artists: Our archives feature art created by more than 100 artists. The temptation motive emerges in the arts for the first time in Christian history in the illuminated manuscripts of the 9th to 13th century. After that follow the majestic paintings of Duccio de Buoninsegna and of Sandro Botticelli. In the 16th century we see temptation art from Pieter Breughel, Ludovico Carracci, Lucas Cranach the Elder, Tintoretto, Titian. With uncurtailed abundance gushes the wealth of pictures into the 17th century with Merian, Rembrandt and Peter Paul Rubens. In the 19th century the stream of art works rises again via Gustave Doré, Ilya Repin from Moscow, Schnorr von Carolsfeld, Hans Thoma. Devastating war catastrophies of the 20th century reflect temptation work by Ernst Barlach, Otto Dix, Christian Rohlfs, Max Slevogt, Salvador Dali.
All these and a hundred artists more let alone the huge number of unknown artists who have painted the windows of numerous churches...all of them are in our art catalog!




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I would like to engage in an exchange of ideas, participate in discussing art works and in preparing trips to art museums etc. I understand that I can select any country, city and artist for special in-depth information. No costs or hidden charges will crop up.

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