British Museum
Angermair, Ivory carving. British Museum.
Claude Lorrain, Color drawing. British Museum.
Illum. Ms.: Bristol Psalter. BM Add. 4071. British Museum.
Master of the Martyr of 10.000. Drawing (Kupferstich). British Museum.

Victoria and Albert Museum
Blake, Color drawing. Victoria and Albert Museum.
Glass painting. From Cathédrale Saint Pierre, Troyes/France. Victoria and Albert Museum.
Master of Sankt Severin (Cologne), Glass painting. Victoria and Albert Museum.

Courtauld Institute Galleries
Rubens, Painting. Princes Gate Collection. Courtauld Institute Galleries.
Wit, Drawing; watercolor. After Rubens. Courtauld Institute.

British Library
Bible Illustration: Biblia pauperum. Blockbook. C.9 d.2. British Library.
Ermengaud (after), Breviary d'Amor. Illum. Ms.: Royal Ms. 19.C.I. fol. 164recto. British Library.
Illum. Ms.: Holkham Bible Picture Book (4x). BL Ms. Add. 47682, fol. 19 and 19 verso. British Library.
Illum. Ms.: Melisinde Psalter. BL Ms. Egerton 1139. British Library.
Master of the Dresden Prayerbook. Brevary of Isabella the Catholic. Illum. Ms. : Add. Ms. 18851, fol.71. British Library.

Saint Margret's Church
Glass painting. Saint Margret's Church.